Des Territoires


l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts, Paris

curated by 

Sandra Alvarez de Toledo and Jean-Francois Chevrier


catalogue text by Jean-François Chevrier


Elin Jakobsdottir is both painter and short film maker. Shot in Super8 her films tend towards so called ‘experimental’ artist’s cinema. These incorporate a play of extremely condensed situations, reoccurring events and distortions of time. Added to this procedure, in the case of the film ‘Sleeping Bag’, are echoes of literature and psychoanalysis all resting on a symbolist base. Spectral presences pass through the  familiar domestic world. A body emerges from a chrysalis. In a dreamlike huis clos the most ambivalent sensations of birth, rebirth, separation and death are mixed. Particularly present in this film is the psychic dimension of a territory invested with the question of female identity.


Jean-Francois Chevrier 2001