Folding Unfolding Space


Cubus M Galerie Berlin

curated by Christine Nippe

catalogue text by Christine Nippe


Elin Jakobsdottir’s films are meditations on perception.Often they examine the unconscious or include dream like sequences. The film Worktable 1 begins with an overhead view of a boy seated at a table. The camera focuses on his head. Through the bird’s eye camera angle, we as viewers find ourselves in a superior position of the observer. He is holding a piece of charcoal and drawing what looks like the floorpan of a building with stairwell, corridors and rooms. He completes the drawing-filling the paper. Captivated, we follow the young boy’s exploration of the space, which is filmed in long shots. He completes the drawing, sews a collar for his mother, stretches with careful gestures yarn in a web around the wooden legs of the table, finally leaving the interior of the flat via the stairwell. We are immersed in the spacial perception of another time ; we are reminded of caves, tree houses and hiding places of our childhood.

    Jakobsdottir explains ; “Worktable 1 was made in collaboration with a en year old boy. I suggested things to do and he also added ideas of his own. The storyboard was initiated by me, but the process of filming became more like a game as the day progressed. Connaitre par corps - knowing and imagining space via the body’s ability to absorb and project experience and memory, this was the territory that I wanted to explore. The film breathes between the given tasks of work and the daydream. The school desk is both the place of rational schooling and of the daydreamer.”